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On 1 January 2018 CM Brooks (Eng) retired as Secretary General and was replaced by EPJ 'Phil' Harrison (Eng)

Revised TR Technical Rules (2016) posted 14 Nov 2016: these have been updated to take account of electronic devices and electronic targets.

F-Class World Championship Individual Matches:

F(O):  Gold Medal and 2017 World Champion: Rod Davies, Australia - 489.41

            Silver Medal: Paul Sandie, United Kingdom - 485.38

            Bronze Medal: Adam Pohl, Australia- 482.38

F/TR   Gold Medal and 2017 World Champion: Derek Rogers, USA - 473.36

            Silver Medal: Kevin Chou, Canada - 473.31

            Bronze Medal: Bryan Litz, USA - 471.39

Under 25:  F(O) Gold: Rhys Ireland, USA - 472.35

                  F/TR Gold: Mitchell Fitzpatrick, USA - 457.26

...... and Teams

F(O): Gold Medals and 2017 World Champions: Australia - 3511 v342

           Silver Medals: Canada - 3506 v346

           Bronze Medals: USA - 3500 v350

F/TR:   Gold Medals: USA - 3400 v264

            Silver Medals: Australia - 3394 v237

            Bronze Medals: South Africa - 3376 v250

 The 2019 Long Range World Championships will be fired on Seddon Range, Wellington, New Zealand in January/February 2019.  Your invitational video is here, and the NRA of New Zealand's website for this event is at http://www.lrwc2019.nz

Downloadable Scoring diagrams for ICFRA Targets - HERE.

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